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Central Park Skate Dancing

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The Roller Twins, Rich and Rob

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Pablo taking a break

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Times Square

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  Statue of Liberty

July 8th I hopped aboard a plane with my Mother and flew to meet my Sister in New York City.  It was a very long flight but we flew business class, so the seats were roomy and comfortable. 

In just a few days we took in Manhattan as much as we could to experience every tidbit of New York  Possible.

We took a harbor tour, saw the statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Brooklyn Bridge and the skyscrapers of Manhattan.   We stayed in Times Square, visited Wall Street, Ground Zero, knock-off purse shopping on the city sidewalks, 2 Broadway plays, Restaurant Row, the lottery line for the show Wicked (which we didn't win).  An all night Piano Bar, wild taxi rides, Little Italy, and Central Park. 

We decided to stay on west coast time as far as sleeping goes, our time was too short to adjust anyway.  The all night piano bar, which we left at 3:30am was really only 12:30am back home. We had it all worked out!. 

Central Park was fantastic, I really wish that I had more time to skate.  The roads through the park were speckled with skaters, bikers, walkers and joggers.  The skate dance circle was really fun, nice skaters and was it ever warm out.  Somehow I managed to twist my knee, I had no idea until I took my skates off and I couldn't walk!!

I'm ready to go back to New York and skate the pathway along the water, see Wicked and explore more of Central Park.

brooklynbridge.jpg (12105 bytes)
Brooklyn Bridge

groundzero.jpg (20038 bytes)
Ground Zero

knockoff.jpg (15460 bytes)      trinitychurch.jpg (14606 bytes)
My Sister Brenda, Knock-off shopping           Trinity Church, end of Wall St


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                      Me skating around the dance circle      Me with the some of the Central Park Skate Patrol     Skating the roadway down into the Park

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  CPskatedance5.jpg (18037 bytes) CPskatedance6.jpg (20170 bytes)
The Moves!

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                                                                  James and Julia



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