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Cherry Creek Trail,
Denver, CO
By Nancy Hartman
IISA Certified Instructor
Level 1,2 and Freestyle Dance Accr.
PISA Webmaster

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Here I am skating along the Cherry Creek trail. I found two terrific ladies skating that afternoon and in exchange for taking my picture I gave them a few tips on stopping.  Kathy and Suzana, were new too skating, and hopefully are out buying helmets and knee pads.  I gave them the IISA website address to look up some good instructors in Denver..

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Kathy and Suzana

Cherry Creek trail runs from downtown Denver 13 miles to the Cherry Creek Dam.  The trail is smoothly paved wide and runs down below the streets of the city along the Cherry Creek river.  

A beautiful scenic skate, I didn't run into a whole lot of other people till later.  Lots of walkers out at lunch and bicyclist.

Toward downtown the pathway splits into a pedestrian only trail on one side of the river and a bike and skate trail on the other side.  Although I did notice all the Pedestrians habitating the bike and skate only side.

Access ways to the trail come every other block or so from the street above, so you can get on it anywhere downtown and take a nice afternoon walk, jog, bike ride or skate if you worked there, kind of a nice treat!

I would suggest, if you plan to go to Denver, definitely bring your skates, and check the weather, sometimes its pretty darn nice.   Drink lots and lots and lots and lots of water, it is easy to get dehydrated from the dry climate, and high altitude.  I got a "little" queasy and "warm" the first day there, and possibly was bitten by a small bout of altitude sickness. 

Several people suggested  I drink Coca Cola, for some reason that helps.  It made me think about the travel show I saw where the people traveling over the Himalayans by train were served Coca Tea for altitude sickness.  hmmmmm must be a connection?..~smile~


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