Letters From the Road
Peach Tree Cart Path
Peach Tree, Georgia


Charlie Bottita

Peach Tree Cart Path is in Peach Tree City, Georgia. PTCpeachtree1.jpg (10283 bytes) is a golfing community where most everyone rides around in golf carts.  There is a network of cart trails through the town that is open to everyone.  The paths are well marked, so you will know which are for golfers only.  There are a few hills and many turns.   Stopping skills as well as helmet and all pads are highly suggested.  Ya never know what's around the next corner.  peachtree2.jpg (10406 bytes)The length depends on the route you take.  I was able to skate for about 20 miles, but overlapping some of the same areas.  The cart path has a nice ride to it, but there is a few sections that have some cracks and bumps.  To get to Peach Tree City from Atlanta take 85 south to 74 south.  It's about a 30 mile ride from downtown Atlanta.   You can email me if you want more specifics of the trails or directions.

Charlie Bottita