St Pete Skate

**Part 1 of 3 skates in Florida **
By Charlie Bottita

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July 28th I took a trip to St Petersburg Florida to visit some family and do some work. Of course I brought my skates and checked out  for any group skates I may join. Summer in Florida is like our winter. People do not go outside much but a few die hards. I was able to hook up with (Rob) and a couple of other skaters for a skate on the Pinellas Trail. Normally when its not so hot, there could be up to 40-60 skaters.

The Trail is a rails to trails and stretches for 37 miles from south St Pete to Tarpon Springs.  The trail is very smooth and flat. The surface is asphalt with crushed stone (but still very smooth). Hard wheels are recommended because the stone tends to wear them out quickly and the heat softens them.

Did I mention heat? The temp was 95 degrees with 80% humidity. Camel Backs are recommended as well because you lose a lot of water. The trail winds through neighborhoods and waterways. Very nice views as you skate. There are several over passes that cross busy roads. When I was a kid I would walk along the rails (now the trail) on my way home from school. Now as an adult I was able to retrace my steps on wheels. stpeteskatesm.jpg (6041 bytes)


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