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(ground is dry  April - October)

Tuesday Night-Meet at 7pm at Salmon Street Fountain next to McCalls on the Portland Waterfront. -A moderate level skate from the Salmon Street Fountain to Willamette Park via the waterfront, Moody St and along the Greenway trail.  Over the Sellwood and back along Oaks Bottom. There are a few hills so be sure to  know how to control your speed on a hill. Distance is 8 miles down and back

Thursday Meet 7pm on the Eastbank Esplanade MAP at the Madison Street Plaza under the Hawthorne Bridge - An advanced long distance skate thru Portland.  Destination is decided by the group.  Know how to navigate obstacles, skate in traffic and control your speed on hills.


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Photos and stories from skaters on weekly night skates
I can't be at every skate to take photos, so if you have some you would like to add, or a link for a night skate, please email me and I'll get your photos up too.



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